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Blazon Digital Marketing offers an online Email, SMS and Short Code automation platform suited for any size business or marketing agency, empowering marketers to efficiently and effectively execute their marketing campaigns and strategies.

Our service offering ranges from Self-service to Managed Services, ensuring success by creating strategic partnerships with our customers to form a single integrated team.

Our Team has a proven track record of delivering campaigns on time, on budget and to the highest standards with attention to detail, while also focusing on the big picture.

Our Services

We offer digital marketing services ranging from self-service to fully managed services.

Bulk Email, SMS & Short Code

Blazon offers Bulk Email, Bulk SMS and Short Codes solutions.

Our user friendly multi-channel marketing platform has been architected to analyse, process and store large, complex consumer databases while providing advanced segmentation and analytic capabilities.

With our platform you can send and deliver large volumes of emails and SMSes to the inbox in record time.

Email Template Development

We code PSD & PDF to responsive Email HTML or OFT templates.

All our email templates are tested across the most popular desktop & web email clients, mobile devices and spam filters to resolve rendering and deliverability issues before it is sent.

Campaign Management

Let us handle all aspects of your campaigns. You will be assigned a dedicated Campaign Manager who will be your only needed point of contact.

Your Campaign Manager will prompt you for elements needed in order to complete your campaign and give you regular status updates.

Our proactive approach ensures that your campaigns will be delivered on time and on budget.

CRM & Data Management

Maintain, segment, analyse and visualise your data using Blazon for customer relationship management (CRM) to improve and discover new ways of engaging with your customers.

Our sophisticated validation, cleansing and de-duping capabilities will ensure that your consumer data is always of the highest quality.

Microsite Development

We code PSD & PDF to responsive HTML microsites e.g. Landing Pages, RSVP Forms, Surveys etc.

All our microsites are compatible with all major web & mobile browsers to perfectly reflect your brand identity on desktop & mobile.

Amazing Support

Whether it's strategy or data, on-boarding, creative, campaign management, template development, technical or training, we've got your back.

Key Features

This section highlights some of the Blazon platform's key features

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing

Blazon provides you with a platform to reach your customers via their preferred channels with personalised Emails and SMSes.

Inbound Short Code campaigns can be used in a variety of creative ways while growing your consumer database and generating revenue.

For every campaign a detailed set of real-time easy-to-read reports are provided tracking who opened, clicked, shared and much more.

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Discover your consumer

Discover your consumer

Blazon’s Digital Marketing platform has been architected to analyse, process and store large, complex consumer databases.

With our advanced segmentation capabilities you can send relevant targeted campaigns based on multifaceted variables increasing consumer engagement.

Real Time Analytics provides valuable customer insight ensuring you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Template Design & Validation

Template Design & Validation

With our user friendly email designer you can build beautiful email templates effortlessly.

Test across the most popular desktop & web email clients, apps, mobile devices and spam filters to resolve render and deliverability issues before you send your campaign.

Export any template as a ZIP file to be used by an external system or OFT (Outlook File Template) to be used by Microsoft Outlook users such as call centres.

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Single Sign-on

Blazon Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on

Our platform’s security has been designed to provide agencies & account managers access to all their customers using a single sign-on. No need to maintain different credentials for each customer.

After signing in, simply select the customer’s tenant you want to view and the respective customer’s campaigns, templates, reports and databases will be at your fingertips.

Access can also be granted to users and customers to only have access to their respective tenant.

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